Michael has been working with the Pilates technique for over 40 years.

He originally introduced with the technique as a dancer at the London School of Contemporary Dance.

In 1982 he opened his own studio, Body Control, in connection with the newly formed Pineapple Dance Studios in Convent Garden London.

Two years later he was offered a position in Texas managing the Pilates studio at the Houston Ballet Company where he stayed until 1990. During this time sponsored by the Houston Ballet Michael traveled across the USA visiting and training at studios. In New York with Carla Trier and with Romana Kryzanowska at the original Pilates Studio.

Michael also worked in the Voight Centre in LA for five years teaching fitness programs as as well as at many other Pilates Studios including Winsor Pilates in Los Angeles.

He moved back to Europe in 1995 where following a two year contract in Switzerland he returned to London.

Michael ‘s reputation as a renowned presenter both in Fitness and Pilates has been established since 1980.

He was the fonder and director of the Pilates Institute UK until 2006. His training programs now under his name MK Pilates are now taught in 29 Training Centres in 32 countries worldwide and has been instrumental in the development of national and international standards in recent years. Based in Athens, Greece when not traveling to present at events and courses around the world Michael can be found teaching in his studio.