Masterclass bodyART MEDICAL & RECOVERY

10:30 - 11:30 (BIG HALL)

Modern day life with its often sedentary activities, persistent stress as well as traumas have a direct influence on our psychological (inner) and physical (outer) well-being. Both systems act as mutual amplifiers: Each inner tension produces dysfunctional outer posture - and vice versa.

The module " Medical and Recovery "  gives bodyART instructors ways to help their participants out of this cycle.  The focus is on raising awareness to remove blockages and bring ingrained dysfunctional movement and posture patterns back into balance . For a more relaxed physical self and greater psychological balance in everyday life.

Developed by Ulrike Mangold and Fabian Allmacher, this Module draws its focus from medical and orthopedic aspects

(the work " from the outside ") , as well as psychological aspects ( the work " from the inside out " ), to address imbalance.  In this way the interlocking polarity of the bodyART concept is enriched by a new dimension.

Presenters of the masterclass:

Fabian Allmacher
Anita Rezevska

Shadowteam  - all trainers of the 1st convention's day:

Janni Giannikakis
Rita Lencses
Balazs Borsodi
 Kristi Roosimagi
 Tomass Berghofs
Arta Zaņuka
Zigmunds Āboliņš