The Lecture of Janni Giannikakis and Thomas Berghoff

12:05 - 13:20 (Panorama hall)

The meaning of breath keeping the balance in life - during our training, everyday life and self-growth. How can it help to avoid the BURNOUT syndrome?

What is the meaning of breathing in our everyday life? What does breathing and different techniques of breathing influence?  How is breathing connected with so called "burnout syndrome", that 
is often explained as  the tragedy of this century - popular diagnosis of busy and stressed people in general that, in fact, is a complex happening in the body that is not right to call a disease. If we describe it simply it could be characterized like a total loss of "joy of life", that is always assisted by dangerous emptying of physical and psychological powers. Burnout is caused by complicated mix of several factors and, usually, it's a result of slow process the start of which is not easy to recognize. The beginning of it can be initiated by everyday life situations just like - too big responsibility, exhausting work, too many tasks to deal with, stress, duties that go over physical capabilities, no free time, no time to rest, studies in high school together with high job responsibilities and family life, being parents for 2 or more children, social factors, psychological factors etc., etc. It is wrong to think that burnout syndrome reaches only emotionally weak people. In fact - it's totally opposite. Mentally strong, very responsible people, people with very high working-forces, people we can rely on are the victims most of the time. How can we recognize first signs of starting burnout process? Can physical activities or breathing help?

How and what breathing exercises could help in above mentioned situation? Can we avoid the burnout using physical activities and breathing as tools to help? 

This lecture is just a short but very valuable glance into the detailed seminar created by both authors "The burnout syndrome" where the expert of functional training and fascias Janni Giannikakis had combined his huge experience and knowledge with expert of psychokinesiology and creator of Organic yoga Thomas Berghoff to provide us with wide spectrum of different angles of point of view to look at, analyze and find the solutions for the problem called "the burnout syndrome".