Masterclass bodyART PURE

15:30 - 16:30 (BIG HALL)

bodyART® PURE is combined program of holistic functional training system bodyART® by Robert Steinbacher and Alexa Le. It gives a chance to take a look into 5 different bodyART programs. Taking into account that this class is the last in the first day of the Heartbeat convention, it will consist of such bodyART programs: bodyART BASIC, bodyART MYOFASCIAL, bodyART STRETCH,  bodyART FLOW un bodyART ENERGY.  The biggest focus of this class will be on breathing and continious exercise flow changing one exercise to another. 

As well as in other programs of bodyART, also in this class the human is trained as the whole unit of body, heart and soul, influencing physical, mental and emotional levels. The focus of this training will be the flow of movements, stretching of muscles and targeted relaxation. This class will make you feel good, increasing energy flow in your body and will serve as a good instrument to recharge your resources of energy after a long training day.

Shadow team - all Presenters of the 1st Convention day.