Masterclass bodyART ENERGY

13:00 - 14:00 (BIG HALL)

The program of bodyART ENERGY is created by co-authors - creator of bodyART Alexa Le (Switzerland) and creator of Organic Yoga Thomas Berghoff (Germany).

The development of disorders or illnesses is often connected to negative, emotional experiences that a person has stored unresolved within them. Every organ has, in addition to its normal functions, the capability of saving and processing emotional energy.
As a result, external movements can have an impact on the internal. If the body is tense internally, this tension is often reflected through our movements and posture. Organic yoga uses this phenomenon to repair external imbalances of the body and to heal the resulting pain and mental tension. Through the use of three-dimensional movements, the body can free itself of organic and structural areas of tension and find its way back to its natural form and intuition. “Organic” describes a state when the body is at one with itself ; a state of being authentic.

bodyART ENERGY will give you totally new experience of feeling your body through the sense and awareness of inner organs in every exercise.

Presenters of the mastarclass:

co-author of the program THOMAS BERGHOFF and ARTA ZAŅUKA.